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Customer Service Level 2 with Food Safety Level 2 - Birmingham and the Black Country 2 Weeks

This Opportunity is only available to residents within the West Midlands Combined Authority

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About the course

Employability with Food Safety - Level 2

JobSkilla is proud to be able to offer this Employability with Food Safety Level 2 (Which has a retail value of £100), completely free to anyone who is over 19, unemployed and claiming a benefit.

The course will start with the 12 day customer service element delivered by VSS and on the final day, learners will be provided with their voucher to access the 3 hour, Food Safety - Level 2 on the online, JobSkilla Academy. The Couse is fully CPD accredited and future employers will be able to verify your qualification quickly with us.

Guaranteed food safety is the foundation on which every food serving establishment is based on. If that guarantee is non-existent, then we risk the lives of employees and consumers. It is imperative that we learn and practise proper food safety at all levels of the business. In Level 2, we explore the depths of each area that has an impact on food safety. We begin with refreshing your knowledge of contamination then delve into cross contamination, food poisoning and other food related illnesses. This is followed by a discussion about personal hygiene, work area sanitisation, proper food storage and legal obligations of businesses in the food industry. Finally, we identify legal issues that may arise from improper food safety, giving you additional tips to help prevent legal issues.

You Will Learn:

  • The various food safety hazards and their causes, specifically food poisoning and food related illnesses
  • How personal hygiene, work area and storage cleanliness affect food safety
  • Legal obligations of food safety for industry professionals
  • Measures and tips to maintain HACCP and Food Standards Agency criteria

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Build competence and understanding of various food safety hazards
  • Learn the importance of proper food handling and preparation, as well as, personal hygiene, work environment cleanliness and storage
  • Understand the importance of food hygiene, associated food safety hazards, good hygiene practice and controls based upon an awareness of food safety management systems
  • Recognise the importance of food safety for industry professionals
  • Understand the legal obligations of food safety compliance
  • You will have an understanding of how to maintain good food hygiene practices which meet the assessment standards of the Food Standards Agency and enforcement
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  • Difficulty Level: Entry
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Course ID: #3666
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