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Customer Service Level 2 & Microsoft Excel Level 2 Certification - Merseyside 12 Days

This Opportunity is only available to Liverpool City Region Residents

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About the course

JobSkilla is proud to be able to offer this Customer Service Level 2 & Microsoft Excel Level 2 (Which has a retail value of £100), completely free to anyone who is over 19, unemployed and claiming a benefit.

The Level 2 Microsoft (MS) Excel Certification course will take what the team member learnt in the Level 1 course and expand on it, teaching them more advanced concepts than those that were presented in the earlier course.

The material in the Level 2 course is designed for those who work with Excel and wish to improve their skills. Whether you are involved in investments, banking or consulting, the content will be useful for anyone who tracks and analyses a lot of data. Learners who would like to take this course, will need to ensure that they are equipped with at least intermediate (Level 2) Excel skills. Before starting the Level 2 MS Excel course, the learners should have a good grasp of the Level 1 Excel functions. Those with experience in Excel may feel that they can skip the Level 1 course, but it is advisable to at least review the course material, before starting the Level 2 material

The course will start with the 12-day Level 2 Customer Service element delivered by VSS and on the final day, learners will be provided with their voucher to access the 10 hour, Level 2 Microsoft Excel Certification, on the JobSkilla Academy. The Course is fully CPD accredited and future employers will be able to verify your qualification quickly with us.

What’s Covered in the Course?

  •  The course teaches team members how to use functions, including AVERAGEA, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS and ABS. 
  • They will also learn data validation information, focusing on the type of data validation, such as date, list and time, as well as more information on specific functions, including CHAR,      CODE, MEDIAN, MODE and ROUND and how to utilise these functions, in order to meet the organisation’s needs. 
  • Other information in the Level 2 course includes how to change text in Excel, e.g., changing text to all upper case or lower case. 
  • Team members will also learn how to change the background and add a custom image, how to use AutoFill and how to insert special characters. 
  • Upon completing the course, employees will know about most of the functions that Excel has and how to use the software at an intermediate level, which is sufficient to be able to use         Excel in most business environments.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

  • Excel data analysis tools have applications throughout most types of work;
  • As with the Level 1 course, the Level 2 course comprises short modules, accessible on any device that can connect to the internet;
  • Lifetime access to the course materials allows learners to revise any of the material at any time in the future;

Learners will need to have full use of a computer to be able to take this course. 

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  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Course ID: #3645
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