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End of Life Care Level 2 - ONLINE TRAINING 15 Weeks

This qualification will help you to develop your knowledge of how to sensitively and appropriately care for individuals in the final stages of life

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About the course

Unit 1: Understand how to work in end of life care

Your learning goals:

  • Different perspectives on death and dying
  • The aims, principles and policies of end of life care
  • Factors regarding communication
  • Accessing the range of support services available to individuals and others.

Unit 2: Care planning in end of life care

Your learning goals:

  • The holistic approach to end of life care
  • Person-centred assessment and care planning
  • Advance care planning.

Unit 3: Understand how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort

Your learning goals:

  • Approaches to managing pain and discomfort
  • Assisting in minimising individuals’ pain or discomfort
  • Monitoring, reporting and recording on the management of individuals’ pain or discomfort.

Unit 4: End of life care and dementia

Your learning goals:

  • How an individual’s dementia can affect their end of life care
  • Supporting individuals with dementia affected by pain and distress
  • Supporting family, significant others and friends of an individual with dementia.

Unit 5: Understanding the role of the care worker in time of death

Your learning goals:

  • Supporting individuals as they are approaching death
  • How to care for a deceased individual
  • Support needed by family, significant others and friends of the deceased
  • Relevant legislation and policies.

Unit 6: Understand loss and grief in end of life care

Your learning goals:

  • The process of loss and grief
  • Loss in the context of end of life care
  • Supporting people following bereavement
  • Managing own feelings of loss and grief when working in end of life care.


I have searched for courses to update my skills set to find sustainable work. I have searched JobSkilla for opportunities in my area and have found End of Life Care Level 2 which lasts for 15 Weeks and is being delivered Online at Home. This will give me End of Life Care
Level 2 Qualification. Please call 03301130013 for more information if needed.

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  • Difficulty Level: Entry
  • Duration: 15 Weeks
  • Course ID: #3534
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