Published: Tue 05 Dec 2017

JobSkilla have recently developed a digital inclusion program in response from a call from a project set out by the Joesph Roundtree Foundation, Ascension ventures, Big Society Capital, and Wayra UK. The Fair by Design Project is designed to attack with the poverty premium, a premium where people pay more for being poor. Digital inclusion alone can save a person £500-£1000 per year depending on the study you read.

As a result a Digital Inclusion course where learners are taken through a basic I.T qualification, basic employability and smaller solutions such as a better off calculator, Universal Credit training, and universal Jobmatch. The best thing about the course is that the laptop provided to work on throughout the course, the learner gets to keep upon successful completion of the course.

JobSkilla have designed this course with the Work and Health Programme in mind, its available all across England and could be applied in Scotland and Wales also. A number of local offices across the country are looking to use the course as an easement as they get their advisor infrastructure in place for the start of Work and Health programme. That would mean an advisor gets a caseload of customers all digitally registered and included, with a CV on their laptop and ready to get in to work.

Like all JobSkilla courses these are free to access and as we work with over forty different training providers across the country availability is not a problem. These course are an ideal base to progress customers on to more vocational training.

Its already been rolled out with great success in Yorkshire, with new courses being booked on a daily basis.