Published: Tue 28 Mar 2017

One of the main barriers I have seen when helping people into work is the age old question we all ask ourselves when we are out of work: ? Do I wait for my perfect job or do I take any job?

This question and doubt often leaves jobseekers in limbo not knowing what to do for the best. For me it's not as black or white as some people perceive it to be and there are some more important questions and points of view that need to be answered and look at first.

Firstly you have to be realistic in regards to the local labour market, unless you are willing to relocate. By this I mean what type of work is out there in your local area, are there vacancies and do I have the experience or skills to secure such employment.

For one if your perfect job is not available in your local area or you don't have the required skills or experience required you have to ask your self, is it realistic?

Many people I have helped would come back week after week saying there are no jobs, in a way they were right there were no jobs in the areas/sectors they wanted, but there are always plenty of jobs out there.

So if there are no jobs in the area/sectors you want what could you do about it? Well there are many things you could do, re-train, go on a skills course, go for an entry-level position, start your own company, self-employment or apply for traineeships or apprenticeships.

All the above would be positive steps seen both by the job centre and prospective employers. One thing for sure is that employers love the get up and go never say die attitude. By giving yourself multiple options, trying to improve your skill set and being humble enough to start over again you can show this in abundance. Not only will you be able to improve your CV and have things to talk about at interview you will show that you are tenacious in your approach to finding work, which is admirable in the least.

Another really important point to remember is that employers prefer no gaps in CVs so whether you fill these gaps with training or a completely different type of work than you have done previously it doesn't really matter.

Keep active, be flexible, stay positive and remember nothing ventured nothing gained. You may even find that the new direction you take is the best thing you ever did.

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