ERSA 2019

Introducing the Future for Skills and Training

Together, with your help, we’re building a better future for the Unemployed, Training Providers & Advisers.

What is JobSkilla?

JobSkilla is a free online platform designed to bridge the gap between the unemployed, funded training and support providers and advisers.

JobSkilla will earn it’s revenue to widely market training courses and support services to the unemployed, through the growth of referral fees, advertising and partnerships.

The Mission…

Our mission is to assist, support and navigate unemployed skill seekers to free local funded training.

Our aim is to help the unemployed to maximise their potential, realise their ambitions and secure greater employment opportunities by obtaining the correct skills for work and skills for life.

What sets JobSkilla apart?

Our online software is built in the cloud from day one by our in-house industry specialists, allowing us the freedom to design the dream training solution for learners seeking courses and support, training providers advertising courses and advisers supporting learners.

No more searching though endless websites to find the provision thats right for you